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Branding is the most important factor in business. Your brand must also reach its target audience, and quality promotional products achieve a wide range of marketing objectives.

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The Grow Programme is a new initiative by Jane Pascall Marketing.

The programme in a fully interactive online teaching resource centre for schools. The programme sits with formal qualifications for VET courses, Sustainability programmes and can be used for STEM courses. Find out more by
clicking here..

The top ten promotional categories in Australia by sales:


1: Drink Bottles – From standard small 470 ml for primary school children and handbags to ultra-fashionable high tech sporting accessories – branded with logos these functional Drink bottles have a myriad of uses in every school, home and office – hundreds of designs, huge array of colours, various sizes

2: Tote Bags – Offer a huge blank canvas for your promotional message – regularly used and now to become even bigger with the introduction of the no plastic bag policy by supermarkets on the horizon

3: Plastic Pens – no surprises here: printed plastic pens are the ultimate giveaway because of their low price and everday functionality.

4: T Shirts – a wearable that is as popular now as it was 10 years ago – great designs and quality fabrics are what sets T Shirts apart. Enquire about our large range of FAIR TRADE OPTIONS

5: Coffee Mugs – A long lasting product repeatedly used – on desks everyday – hundreds of styles from economical porcelain options through to Fine Bone China

6: Caps – The effectiveness of caps is unquestionable. Totally customise a cap to become a fashion statement that becomes a collectable

7: Cooler Bags – Promote your business in the context of a quality leisure item is a proven strategy to create good will with clients, staff and potential customers

8: Confectionery – Add an everyday useful container and you have a sweet reward which makes a lasting impression

9: Metal Pens – clients love metal pens: it’s as simple as that, this category gets the highest amount of repeat business in the land.

10: Notepads and sticky-note books – Remain for ever popular – Ideal for conferences, events, hotels and motels to name a few applications – your logo on the desk every day